The Representation Revolution

The Representation Revolution

Throughout the country, activists are are advancing new representation initiatives to make political representation more distributed, more decentralized and more fair.

In Austin, TX, for example, a new "10-1" representation initiative was passed which ensured that a redrawn set of 10 city council districts resulted in a council with more dispersed representation as opposed to a status quo in which representation was concentrated in the downtown business elite. The result was a better ethnic and gender balance on the council, and the election of more female members of the council, including the first Latina, as well as representation for outlying districts of the city. Areas never before represented now have seats on the council.

 Neighborhood Legislature scales this representation revolution to the state level in California. Neighborhood Legislature is a "100-1" plan - reducing district sizes to 100th of their current size. These hyper-local new neighborhood districts will result in the election of a new set of representatives, reflective of the ethnicity, income levels, work and business activity and distinctive nature of each neighborhood. The result is open access and fair distribution of representation. 

Click below for more details on the Austin initiative, and please join us in advancing this representation revolution.


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