Signature Gathering: How To

Signature Gathering: How To


 Want to help Neighborhood Legislature in your own backyard? Here are instructions for how to gather signatures from your friends and neighbors!

Instructions for the circulation of petitions

1. Preparation

When you receive the petitions, please review carefully and familiarize yourself. Any errors can cause a valuable signature to be thrown out.

Fill in the County on top of the petition. Everyone signing the petition must be registered in the specified county.


2. Signing

Each person must print all of their own information and then sign (all in their own handwriting). NO typed information and NO address labels will be accepted.
The signer must fill their legal, registered voter information, both name and address. “Michael” cannot sign as “Mike”. Petition signers MUST be registered voters in the county in which they reside. DO NOT MIX COUNTIES.
Watch when people are signing your petition and make sure they fill in all information.

3. Afterward

After gathering signatures, fill in the “Declaration of circulator” in your own handwriting. The date you start collecting signatures must be on or before the date of the first signature.The circulator date must be the same or later than the date of the last signature on that petition.

“Place of signing” means a City or County. As the circulator you must fill out the circulator section. DO NOT COPY. You must fill out each petition individually in your own handwriting.

SIGN AS THE CIRCULATOR or all signatures on the petition will be invalid. The circulator does NOT have to be registered to vote in the county in which they are circulating. You can print out additional petitions, but they must be printed out double-sided, according to legal requirements. Also, please DO NOT make copies of completed petitions. Only original forms will be accepted.

You may start collecting signatures immediately. We aim to complete the signature-gathering drive by Labor Day. Send in your completed signature sheets as soon as you have them, and keep sending them in until you have completed your signature gathering.

No need to wait to send them all at once. You can return them to the distribution center you received them from or mail them to the address below. You do NOT have to fill out every signature line in a petition. If you only get one signature you can still send it back DO NOT WAIT; PLEASE SEND THEM AS THEY ARE COMPLETED. THANK YOU!

Campaign Office

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., Box 136

San Diego, CA 92130


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