Neighborhood Legislature Partnerships

The Neighborhood Legislature seeks to engage, collaborate, and partner with organizations that agree that there is a need to transform our political system and transfer power back to the people of California. We realize the many angles from which organizations are working towards this mission and believe that through a variety of strategic efforts, together we can build a sustainable and scalable movement that transforms how we govern and empower communities.

Types of Partners

The Neighborhood Legislature collaborates with partners:

  1. Whose agenda is completely, generally or partially aligned to The Neighborhood Legislatures vision and theory of change

  2. That simply share a mission to transform our political system

Ways We Collaborate

The Neighborhood Legislature engages partners on varying levels and frequencies through:

  1. Formal Agreements

  2. The building of coalitions to support a specific effort i.e. Ballot Initiative

  3. The sharing resources to achieve shared or individual goals

  4. Collaboration on community outreach and engagement initiatives, organizing and mobilization

The Neighborhood Legislature is excited to work with other organizations to execute and support legislative, ballot initiatives, media campaigns and initiatives, and grassroots and policy-focused events such as rallies, roundtables and panels. 

 Finding Out More

To learn more about how your organization and The Neighborhood Legislature can work together to ensure that power is transferred back to the people of California and away from special interests groups and career politicians, please contact Andrew Sears, Chief Executive Officer at

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