Neighborhood Legislature on Patriot's Agenda

Neighborhood Legislature on Patriot's Agenda

Published by Red Bluff Daily News

California is a huge state that lacks true representation by its Legislature.

Do you know your legislator? Does he or she know you? Do they care about your thoughts on any given legislation? How would you like to personally know your representative?

How refreshing it would be to have someone understand your thoughts and concerns about legislation, stand with you on your beliefs? Someone that would help you protect your private property rights.

John Cox, former GOP presidential candidate, chairman of Rescue California and creator of the proposed Neighborhood Legislature, says lack of representation is the main problem in California. Cox proposes subdividing each Assembly district into 100 neighborhood districts that represent 5,000 voters, and subdivide each Senate district into 100 neighborhood districts that represent 10,000 voters.

Cox has spent time in New Hampshire which has this kind of representation

“It’s working very well in New Hampshire and if can work there, it can work here,” Cox said.

We need to cut off the power of lobbyist and special interest groups, we can do that with this kind of representation. Our candidates wouldn’t need big money behind them, they would go door to door, have town halls and meet the people they are hoping to represent. As Cox puts it, we would have “peaceful transfer of power from the funders to the people.”

A representative of the Neighborhood Legislature will be speaking at the Corning Patriots meeting on Oct. 24. The meeting will be held at the Corning Senior Center 1015 South St., at 6 p.m. the public is encouraged to attend this very informative meeting.

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