Innovate Your State features Neighborhood Legislature

Innovate Your State features Neighborhood Legislature


Tim Draper's Innovate Your State movement featured Neighborhood Legislature recently because so many people voted up our idea. Check out the press release and be sure to go vote for us!

Tim Draper's Innovate Your State movement featured Neighborhood Legislature recently because so many people voted up our idea. Check out the press release and be sure to go vote for us!



San Mateo, CA – Innovate Your State today announced that more than 200 ideas have been submitted to the “Fix California Challenge,” Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Tim Draper’s crowdsourcing challenge to find innovative ideas to solve the governance problems in California.

“In less than two weeks, we have received more than 200 submissions to the ‘Fix California

Challenge,’” Tim Draper said. “Californians are stepping up to this Challenge, some with new

and interesting ideas. Many submissions are from Californians who have taken the time to put

together some serious, thought-provoking ideas on how we can move our state forward. For

example, there are proposals to sunset all laws, create a unicameral legislature, take the UC

System online, and a proposal for virtual California citizenship. We’ll be evaluating all of these

ideas against the six principles outlined in the Challenge and encourage Californians to keep

the ideas coming.”

Some of the submissions by Californians include ideas to:

  • Challenge the status quo by fundamentally transforming and modernizing government with a “fresh start” or an “entrepreneurial” mindset.
  • Incentivize governments to be accountable to their citizens-compete for customers and provide for better representation and engagement of citizens and accountability of leaders to the people they represent.
    • Hold Government Accountable to Customer Service
  • Improve incentives in education to achieve long-term economic prosperity and create a more educated workforce that is better prepared for the jobs of the future.
    • Investing in California’s Future o
  • Clean up the failures and update methods of the last several decades that are preventing further success and progress.
    • Sunset Provisions for All Legislation

The “Fix California Challenge,” is looking for ideas from Californians to fundamentally transform California and get it back on track. The challenge is being run by Innovate Your State - a nonprofit organization founded by Draper dedicated to educating and encouraging public participation to fundamentally improve government.

Innovate Your State, through “The Fix California Challenge,” will promote the ideas of everyday Californians as they pitch their ideas to fix California. To submit your idea, visit and for more information on the organization, visit


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