Ambassador Program Prize Drawing

Ambassador Program Prize Drawing


We are excited to announce our Ambassador Program Prize Drawing! How does it work? If Neighborhood Legislature is successful in collecting all of the signatures it needs to get on the ballot, one Ambassador will win $25,000!



  • Ambassadors will commit to a certain number of 3-hour shifts that they will complete throughout the Summer.
  • We ask for a minimum commitment of 2 shifts (6 hours of work), but encourage our Ambassadors to complete more if they are able to.


  • We will begin collecting signatures at the beginning of June.
  • Shifts may be completed any time during the week at the convenience of the Ambassador. However, we recommend 5:00-8:00 pm on weekdays and 10:00 am-7:00 pm on weekends, as this will reward you with the highest answer rate.
  • We will coordinate large-scale signature gathering operations each Saturday and Sunday that we encourage Ambassadors to participate in.

Amenities (What we’ll provide for you):

  • Water bottles
  • Clip boards
  • Petitions
  • Door hangers
  • Snacks


  • If we successfully qualify the initiative for the ballot, each Ambassador will receive $0.25 for each valid signature that they collected.
  • If we successfully qualify the initiative for the ballot, there will be a grand prize lottery for the sum of $25,000. Ambassadors will receive 1 entry into this lottery:
    • For every 100 valid signatures they collect (we expect Ambassadors to achieve 100 signatures for every two shifts that they complete).
    • For every additional Ambassador that they personally recruit. 

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